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  Let The PhotoRUSH preserve your pictures forever by creating a show-stopping, unique and personalized slideshow set to music. We take the time to individually enhance each photo and custom fit it to your slideshow.
  You pick the song or we will find the perfect one for you.
Music is our passion!!! and that's what puts The PhotoRUSH in a class by itself. Our extensive music library coupled with our musical expertise enables us to find the perfect song to create just the right mood for your slideshow.

Create an exciting tribute to a loved one's life.
Put your vacation shots on a stylized DVD and relive it.
Revisit the best days of your life on the Big Screen
Get rid of cumbersome albums growing mold between the pages!
The PhotoRUSH can transform a shoebox full of photos into family entertainment that will last forever.  

Let your pictures tell a story, or simply allow you to cherish forever a memorable event in your life, set to beautiful music.

Weddings, memorial services, sporting events,
vacations parties, first communions, & life stories-from earliest days to the present.


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